•       My background is in    Emergency Nursing and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy.   I have supported woman during pregnancy, birth and postnatally for many years as a Doula.


  • Most recently I completed an MA in Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy, and I am especially interested in Trauma and the Pre-and Perinatal field – the ways in which we hold these experiences in our bodies and how they continue to shape our  lives.


  • I have been  passionate about TRE® since coming across it in 2011.   Since my TRE® training, I have become a tutor and Supervisor, and soon to complete the process of becoming a Certified Trainer.   TRE® has been life changing for me, and for many of my clients and students.  It has allowed me to really understand the ways my nervous system has reacted to different life circumstances to keep me safe, and helped me to develop the capacity to be present and grounded and in my body.


  • It has been a privilege to sit with people as they learn to trust in the wisdom of their bodies,  as they experience their nervous system beginning to settle,  and begin to release and relax the tension and stress they have been  holding – often for many years.


  • It is very exciting to be contributing to the growth of TRE® in the UK.


  • At present I run a private practice in North Oxfordshire and in North London, seeing private clients in all the modalities I offer – TRE®, Craniosacral Therapy, Core Process Psychotherapy, Pre-and Perinatal therapy and – all of these things in a warm water pool –  Aquatic Therapy !


  • I teach classes in TRE® in Oxford and Leamington Spaand North London. I am also happy to come to you for sessions or to teach classes, just give me a call.     I offer individual sessions and small supervision groups over Skype / Zoom.  I teach on the TRE® trainings in London.  I will soon be running TRE® Trainings in Bristol, Devon and Oxford.

  • I live with my partner on a narrowboat on the Oxford Canal in a small community with lots of children and animals. We grow organic veg and host some great gatherings.

  • I would love to speak with you if you would like more information about working with me  –  for info about individual TRE sessions, classes,  supervision or trainings.



2003            BSc Adult Nursing

2005            Doula Training with Michel Odent

2007 – 2010   CST 1, CST 2,  SER 1  with Upledger Institute

2010 – 2012   Diploma in Craniosacral Biodynamics –  Karuna Institute with Franklyn Sills

2013             Craniosacral mother and baby training with Claire Dolby and Satya Shepherd

2011 – 12       TRE® levels 1 and 2

2012 – 2016   Pre- and Perinatal Foundation Training with Ray Castellino

2012 – 2016   Pre- and Perinatal Modules with William Emerson

2014            Emergency Nurse Practitioner Training – Oxford Brookes University

2014 – 2018   Post-Qualification MA in Core Process Psychotherapy- Karuna Institute

2012 – present – assisting and tutor for TRE trainings with

2018 – completed requirements for TRE Certification Trainer.

2018 – teaching Aquatic Bodywork with Liquid Vibrations / Poetry in Water to staff at         Willowdene School, UK



PLEASE CONTACT ME ON:  |  07788 413070


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